Wide Arc


420mm x 297mm
Signed and Numbered Recto
Risograph Print

Uncoated, recycled stock

Edition of 25 plus 2 Artist's Proofs


Arc is a series of footed bowls with flowing, continuous profiles, which unfurl, becoming shallower and wider, as they increase in size. The curves are defined as part of the intersection of two circles, which can be repositioned to create the profiles for a range of vessels.

These drawings are not designs for pots as such, but an attempt to understand and consolidate 12 months of work throwing pots at the wheel, to identify a set of geometric rules and mechanisms which describe the refined forms and provide a framework for future exploration.

They are printed on a naturally off-white/grey paper with occasional flecks, and are designed to be framed against brilliant white to accentuate these qualities. If you would like to use my framing specifications, please get in touch.

Photo of Wide Arc
Photo of Wide Arc
Photo of Wide Arc
Photo of Wide Arc